Rust Linen Pinafore Dress

This linen twirl dress will be your daughter’s favorite clothing that provides a perfect

wearing comfort in the hot summertime. A fluffy sun-skirt make such an

apron dress a decent and mesmerizing choice for a birthday or wedding

party. So, don’t hesitate to order it as a flower girl dress if your

little one is honored to carry out this wonderful mission.

Yet, your daughter won’t wear this piece only once. It can be used both for

festive occasions and everyday walks.

What is more, the attire is available in two options: knee-long and mid-calf. With different lengths

and regulated straps, you will enjoy this wonderful dress for years to


Its design allows wearing this outfit in various

combinations: either independently or as a nice pinafore paired with a

blouse or T-shirt. Criss-cross straps fix well and fasten with buttons

on the waist from behind.

This linen jumper dress is sewn with

washed organic natural fabric. It is softer than usual linen and is not

subject to shrinkage.

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