Дитяча лляна сукня без рукавів та рюшою по горловині
Art. 732

Дитяча лляна сукня без рукавів та рюшою по горловині

Art. 732
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This linen baby dress is comfy it is not negotiable for us when it comes to your child’s wearing comfort. Yet, this is not its only advantage. When you also look for cute baby clothes this item is a perfect combo. It’s stylish and elegant attire for a little lady. However, this toddler linen dress is soft, organic, breathable and airy, to pamper sensitive child’s skin.

It is up to you, how to dress your kid either with buttons on the breast or back. Make this ruffle collar dress different every time putting the buttons and V-neck or round-neck frontward or backward in turns. We can also make it with long sleeves for cooler days just make a short note about your preferences in your order.

We sew this item not only as the first birthday outfit. In diverse colors and design options, it is suitable for various occasions. Use it either as a baby Easter dress, choose it for baptism, Christmas, weddings it would be amazing and neat for any festivities.

Your little one would be comfortable and you would enjoy celebrations to the fullest.


100% medium weight linen (180 g)

Сertificate Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Безпечність матеріалу
Oeko-Tex Standard 100
Вікова група
діти, малюки, немовлята, новонароджені
Система розмірів
льон 100%
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